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So now that T is in 12 days. I am very concerned about coming out to my folks. I had wanted to do it, by sending them a copy of an audible book, and a letter. Then afterwards have a talk.

I am afraid if I leave it at a letter it will come off as cowardly. I also know that only about 40% of written content is comprehended, at least on the first go. But I want them to have the letter to re-read, and to prepare themselves.

I want to give them the book, so they know I am not alone, and that there is something actually going on with this whole transgender thing. I want them to hear stories similar to mine. I want them to connect some of the dots. My main concern is not having many trans narratives that are the same as mine. So far they two books I am considering are Raising Ryland: Parenting a transgender child or The Transgender Child. The first is more emotional and written from a parental point of view, where as the second is more clinical and mentions all the stages and may explain my narrative better. I think my dad my be more into The Trans Child, as he is a physician and will like the clinical side. My mom may be more into Raising Ryland. Perhaps I will send different books to each.

I will probably be working on the letter here. It may turn out to be different personalized letters for me.
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