Feb. 12th, 2007

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Well it's officially her birthday again. I'm obsessive masochistic mind keeps wondering what Creighton got her. Of course It'll either be something big or a couple of moderate things since of course V-day is in two days.

I wish i could stop thinking about this. It doesn't do me any good.

So I was all excited about having a lovely new house, and now everyone is pressuring me to move out. I know I'm a horrible person if I don't, but I don't really wanna live with an alcoholic that wont quit and thinks driving drunk is a good idea. But I can't let my bro loose that house, and that house is worth more and will be harder to rent.

I'm really going to miss having a garden. The house that I'm supposed to move into has practically all shade, so I don't think I'll get enough good light even at the hight of summer for a veggie plot.

I'm also really going to miss the pear tree in the back yard here. I was just reading pruning guides today in hopes of getting the bad limb trimmed off and getting the tree trimmed to a better size so fruit production will be better. I mean I'll probably have less fruit, but hopefully I'll have nicer larger fruit... what am I saying... I wont be here.

I'm really behind in school. I just can't keep up with the work. It's sort of silly though because I'm doing very well on the tests... it's just keeping up with the homework crap that is dragging me down. I started skipping a lot because I hate not having my homework it's just so fucking humiliating.

I've got a lot filled out on my disability stuff, but I have a LOT more to go. It's so daunting... I'm afraid it'll never get done. BTW anyone want to help me measure how far I can walk without needing to stop? or tell me which odd behaviors I'm supposed to write down?

And Sat. I noticed poor Marco has a limp. He didn't scream when I picked him up so I knew it wasn't broken or anything. He's favoring it less today, but it hurts me to see my baby hurt. I really wish I knew what the little bugger did to hurt himself. He'd been in the kitchen the night before by himself, but I've gone through the kitchen and I can't figure out how he hurt it. The only three things I can think of are he hurt himself trying to climb into the electric litter box, he was running to fast on the slick linoleum and slid into something, or I remember him pawing at the gate Friday night when I went to bed maybe he got a paw or toenail caught in the gate and hurt himself getting his paw loose.

Well thats as much as I can think of to let ya'll know about for now.


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