Mar. 4th, 2007

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John & Mai are Proud to Announce the Birth of their Child, Paolina, on October 16, 1981.
Unfortunately, Paolina stares eerily at everyone.
John & Mai are laughing maniacally.
What Did Your Birth Announcement Say? at

My garden

Mar. 4th, 2007 05:47 pm
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So after being told a few weeks ago that I would be living here at least for a few more months and I should go ahead with my garden plans... I am now being strong armed into moving again.

And D even said he wouldn't mind coming here. However, apparently D's house has been left in somewhat of a shambles. Dad doesn't think he can rent or sell it in the current condition and says he doesn't have the money to fix it up.

So basically what all this boils down to is that they didn't fix this house up for me as a Christmas present, They fixed it up so they could toss me out and rent it to someone else.

*sigh* I knew anything good in my life couldn't possibly be for very long.

So now that I have spent money and long hours in creating gardens I'm totally bound. I did nothing in them this weekend for fear that I'd plant all these lovely things and have to hand it over to someone else.


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