Apr. 2nd, 2007

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I have taken to listening to audio books while I work. it allows my data entry brain enough stimulation to not dwell on things it shouldn't, yet still concentrate enough to watch names and numbers and so forth.

It started with Dune. Then I listened to a quite funny tale about vampires called "You Suck." Not exactly deep reading, but entertaining. I then decided that I needed to purchase a membership with a down loadable book company and did such. The next story was Going Postal by Pratchett, which I have read many times before, but don't think I'll get tired of any time soon. Then came an interesting book called "The Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl" I liked it, and would recommend it. But I was unsatisfied with the ending. Then I accidentally downloaded reaper Man by Pratchett while attempting to down load Men at Arms. Go fig on that one... guess I needed to hear reaper man. Then due to some money mix ups I don't currently have enough cash on my card to purchase any more of the down loadable books, so I had to drive to a book store tonight to pick up one. I just didn't think my mind could handle all those hours alone... I picked up Niel Gaimen's "StarDust." It's still to new in my head to make comment.

Realizing the hour I am now at a loss. I have school at 1 and I really must be there. I'm afraid I have a quiz, which while I have studied some for I am far from ready. I also have homework questions I need to do.

and yet I really must sleep.

My brain is in this floaty mood. I found two of my Montessori classmates on myspace this week. There is something strange in the people you spent your childhood with even if more than 15 years stand between you. I have said before how I felt like my past was disappearing... The school may be gone, but my classmates remember me, as I them. How often I believe I am forgotten, I know I haven been proven wrong on at least a few occasions... I wish the feeling lasted when I am in those dark places.

Now to work until I sleep.

PS. Did you know that all parts of the Dandelion are edible? I made Dandelion fritters and dandelion jelly this week... to my enjoyment they were quite yummie.


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