Jun. 3rd, 2007

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I now have in my possession a Coleman 7 person tent with pet den. That I acquired free of charge! Apparently my mom's old roommate that flipped out and had to go home was a camper. I never thought of asking my mom if she had camping gear because well... my mom's idea of camping is the Hilton.

I also picked up a King size Coleman 30 degree sleeping bag for $20 at big lots. They had a couple of other things I might go back and look at.

I also picked up some solar garden lights. After I set these up and see how they do I might go back and get more.

Now I'd like to acquire a multi-use pocket tool (IE swiss army type knife)
Perhaps a light weight camping stove
and a compass is probably compulsory.

I'm trying to deiced if I should invest in some hiking boots. I've got my 20 eye Dr. M's but they are heavy and some spots on the soles don't offer great traction anymore. I've just worn Dr. M's for so long that running shoes and sneakers feel uncomfortable to my feet. But if I'm gunna start hiking more I'll probably need that kinda foot support and all. Perhaps it's a decision that should wait until after my first trip? I know I tend to put the cart before the horse at times.

ANd this trip I know we will be at a camp site and all since the only people so far that said they were interested in going aren't campers or at least not yet.

okay now back to studying for finals.


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