Jul. 7th, 2007

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So I'm not sure if I updated about this, but a week or so ago I went to sports authority, dick's, and REI trying on hiking boots. I Did like a pair of timberland boots at dick's, but I ended up getting a pair of Vasque Mica GTX boots. I also got some poly sock liners, a pair of day hiking socks, and some convertible nylon army green pants. I love them all! The only think I might have done differently is I bought the pants in a size that fit, but snugly and while my intention is to loose a bit of weight... I'm sure you see my point. But they aren't uncomfortable, just snug.

Tonight I've been out walking. According to my car's tachometer the road I live on is .25 of a mile. if that is in fact the case then my four times up and back on it equal a mile. This is wonderful news! It means that I can do a mile with little or no trouble. My shines were grumpy on the incline the first go round, but after that all was well, and when I came to the end I really didn't want to stop, but I figured that 12:15 in the morning wondering around the neighborhood in the dark as much as I had was enough already.

I'm hoping to get up and go do some walking on the Kennesaw Mountain trails tomorrow. I have some plans to go to Ikea with a friend, so it all depends on when she wants to go into Atlanta, and how early I wake up. Kennesaw MT. being the large park it is, I'm going to make a concerted effort to not be paranoid and to just go. I'll take my phone and safety whistle, but I'm going to go. I can't ever find people to go with me without planning for weeks, and I just can't handle that so, fuck it!

I'm getting wrapped up in the alcohol stove thing too. I have most of the tools to attempt one or two of them. I need to get a stronger utility knife and possibly a whole punch tomorrow. Hopefully soon you guys will see pictures.
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So I'm listening to a Bill Bryson book and he mentioned an English landscaper named Capability Brown...

Is it just me or did I just catch another of Pratchett's Amazingly historical jokes. Anyone else thinks this fellow smacks of Bloody Stupid Johnson?


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