Jul. 13th, 2007

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So Wednesday was a rather poor day for me. I got declined for supplemental SSI. I'm really not getting along with the only other person in any of my classes, and Preston canceled on me for the Third time this week.

The depression carried over into Thursday. So after Preston told me we could hang out That evening after he got off work I packed everything up and set off for Kennesaw Mountain park.

I started out thinking I was just going to walk up the mountain, but it felt so good to be out there that I just kept going. I ended up walking 5.4 miles according to the trail map. Though I'm not sure it's accurate. The trails were not marked, and several places they had closed for erosion control and made detour trails. I also never actually saw anything that said pigion hill, but the turn around path is after Pigion hill so that must be where I turned around, besides the fact that what signs I did see said to Pigion hill -> then suddenly started saying -> to Cheathum hill. Which is the next historical site down the line.

I learned I really don't like using my back pack as a day-hiking pack. It is too big and doesn't secure enough to me. It hangs off my back causing the place where my scoliosis is the worst (in my lower back) to hurt.

I am a touch concerned about my ankles and my right hip though. While my foot beds and some muscles are sore they are normal soreness that you'd expect after a first time hike of more than 5 miles over what the Kennesaw Mountain trail map calls very strenuous terrain. The ankles and the hip worry be though because they seem to be more bone/joint pain. The hip seems to be hurting where I had the bone graph piece taken out, and the ankles are probable hurting from where I had surgery on them in 2000. I have good mid-high hiking boots and they fit well, I don't really see any way to improve on my ankle support. makes me nervous because I wanna do longer and longer hikes and this worries me that it may not just be normal aches and pains... that it may be something that will truly inhibit me. I dunno though I'm going to rest up for a day or two only doing inside back exercises and the like until the pain subsides some.


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