Jul. 15th, 2007

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at the moment I am severely lacking in the motivation department.

I've never been good at homework. When I'm being funny I blame it on the fact that I was in 5th grade before I ever had homework, and by that time I already knew what after school cartoons were so homework was for later... while that is true in part it isn't exactly the case, as I'm pretty sure I did every homework assignment given to me in 5th grade... it wasn't until 6th that I discovered it was possible not to do it. Since then it's become a bit of an issue for me.

I REALLY want to do well in school. The problem for the most part has been that I do well in school anyway, sans homework. I've rarely ever actually needed it to make even a B. And when I do need to do the homework it's for the most part only been because the teacher makes a huge percentage of the grade based on it.

I've just never been very good at doing a bunch of shit I don't really need to do to learn the material. I just wish people would give tests and thats it. fuck all this nagging ass shit. Why give me a grade for whether I do the "review" questions or not. I mean for fuck sake if I needed the review and I didn't do it then wont I have that show up on the bloody test?

doesn't matter. I'm in a fucking negative as all hell frame of mind. So I'm going to sleep with my homework nowhere near done. I'll do it in the morning... maybe

but sitting here not doing it, and feeling like crap about the whole fucking world isn't getting me anywhere.


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