Aug. 18th, 2007


Aug. 18th, 2007 07:27 pm
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I had really strange awkward dreams last night. One was about sort of a reunion at the Montessori school I went to as a child. The interesting thing is that one of my best friends from that time figured prominently as not being there.

Then I had another dream that I was pretty much told I was going to be married two days before the ceremony was to happen. And the person I was going to be married to was the best friend in the other dream. The strangest bit is that I haven't been thinking about this guy, or anything. hell I haven't seen him since I was 8 or 9. I've only occasionally thought of him since, though I do admit that a few months ago I tried looking him up on the web to not much avail. Towards the end of the dream it sort of morphed into that I was to be married to some rich stranger. And I think I finally got up the courage to tell everyone that it wasn't going to happen no matter what. I just really haven't the foggiest what all of it means.

I'm sure it was probably somewhat sparked by the conversation about monogamy and polyamoury I had with Preston right before falling asleep.But that still doesn't account for Josh (friend from Montessori being a prominent figure in both dreams.
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So I've become a bit obsessed about collecting the coke rewards points. The thing is that I want something that is 1740 points. I'm determined to get it! I've already collected 340+ points. My dad is collecting for me and that helps. They drink a ton of soda over there.

The thing is that I've started having issues not digging through the trash at like gas stations, school, shopping complexes. Today at target I saw like three coke caps in the trash and came very close to running over and grabbing them, but there were lots of people around and I was worried they would say something. But I'm seriously thinking of going back at like 3 am and getting them. Thats probably really wrong isn't it?

SO if any of you my dear friends are not collecting your codes then would you PLEASE send them to me? It would mean a lot! (it would mean I have less trash to dig through)

I've started thinking about hanging signs up at the school above the trash cans that have plastic ziplock bags attached, asking people for their cola caps... But I see them getting torn down and stuff.

I really have lost it, haven't I?


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