Sep. 2nd, 2007

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This site is really cool:

There are two "projects" this lady did. The first one she made a simple little brown dress, and wore it for 365 days. There is a journal, and photo gallery to go with the project. I was a little disappointed to see how much she still accessorized and layered, but it was a fair show against blind consumerism. I had sorta hoped it would be more like how women did in the 1800's, with one possibly two dresses; end of story.

There is a second "Project" she completed where she wore only items she crafted herself from objects already in her closet, even down to underwear.

I've been thinking of doing something similar. Well actually I sorta have. Most of my clothes are years old. If I purchase clothing I do my best to purchase items from thrift stores. The only Truly new items I've bought in the past year are one bra from biglots, 4 pair of hiking socks (at least 3 of which were made in the USA I'm not sure where the REI brand were made), 2 pair of wigwam liner socks, a set of 3 poly footy socks from target for a dollar, one white hat for working outside from target for a dollar, and lastly my hiking boots. If I had not gotten into hiking and needed the special equipment for the job, I wouldn't have bought most of the above things.

A lot of my clothing is falling into disrepair though. Most of the fixes should be easy, I'm just not sure how to do them. The other thing is that I've gained a good bit of weight in the past year or so. Luckily I've stumbled into clothing here or there that works. It makes me sad though because I can't fit into a lot of perfectly serviceable, and quite nice clothing, I spent a good bit on. I wonder if it's possible to let out some of the items, though it makes me really nervous. I keep trying to loose the weight, but everyone tells me I look healthier now, and I know the only thing that was really holding the weight off was the effexor. Hell some of my high-school clothes fit better now then they did a year or two ago.

arg! I'm just rambling now.


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