Sep. 11th, 2007

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Jeeze is it really only Tuesday? I don't know why but it seems like it shouldn't be.

I've been having stomach problesm lately. my emotional status seems to be wired straight to my gut. I've been through tummy troubles like this before, and mostly I think they just went away on thier own, so I'm not really gunna say anything to dad about it. Unless the pain gets severe, I'm vomiting, or blood starts showing up in places it shouldn't, I'm sure I'm fine. Hell I need to loose a little weight anyway, and this might help.

Things are sort of up in the air in regards to the guy I was seeing. There is still a shit load of drama around it and I'm getting quite feed up with it. I do care for him though and it's difficult to let go.

My house is in desprite need of a good cleaning. I have the time to do it now, just not the motivation. I hate cleaning by myself, even with my radio on it's... I dunno I juste hate cleaning alone is all. And it makes me miss Ila a lot. Silly really I know.

I think I might just go against all my better judgment and get a slice of pizza and a canoli tonight from Sal's. I'm sure I don't need the calories, and I don't need to spend the money, but fuck it.


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