Oct. 19th, 2007

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okay of course these are jsut preview photos and not the total thing.

fearie GothMother 1 )
Mor Modest traditional fearie gothmother
Fearie GothMother 2 )
Germaine )


Oct. 19th, 2007 02:34 pm
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No comment on the preview photos?

I really need to decide by tomorrow night. Well earlier for preferance. as I want to go to hexxt in in costume.

Do I look close enough to Germaine? Should I purchase the green contacts that are going to set me back $40? Does the stuffed squirle help the costume?

Does the feary gothmother 1 look too slutty?

Does feary goth mother 2 make me look fat?
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A good friend of mine called me from the hospital last night sluring her speach and unable to stand. apparently she became upset at work about 4 hours earlier and proceeded to take an overdose of Klonapin.

When she passed out at her desk her retarded as work called her husband to come pick her up rather than 911. So 4 hours after her OD she was still sitting in a waiting room in the ER not even treoged yet. FUCK!

Thankfull the dose of meds she took was not fatal. Though I have not heard from her since before she saw the counseler last night, my best guess is that she was 10/13'd. Which is the first responsible thing someone in the situation did.

The only real other thing going on now is that I'm trying to get my nerve up to go pester the managers over at my local starbucks for a job. I haven't any idea why this is such an overwhelmingly anxiety provoking thing for me, but it is.
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I think I've finally made up my mind. I'm going to go with the fearie goth mother 1. While I would honeslty rather be germaine... I've now spent something like $30 already on a new to me skirt, nail polish, lipstick and that purple hair goo stuff. It doesn't look like the fake dye stuff will work unless I bleach my hair out, and then there is always the risk it will dye it purple. So I might as well just bleach it and dye it purple. Problem is that that is Still MORE money to put into a costume. and it's rather a waste 'cause I already have one.

So tomorrow night for hexxt I think I'mma be a goth fearie. I still need to figure out what I'mma make a wand out of.


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