Apr. 24th, 2017

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I am so excited. The last house we looked at yesterday was pretty much perfect for us. It is listed as a 2/1, but has a small bonus room with a closet that could be W's room.

The only major issues are that the place currently has a tenet. He is on Month to month, but I still feel bad kicking someone out to buy the place.

The other problem is that central AC doesn't work, But honestly I think we can live with that.
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! I put in an offer on the house we loved from the showings yesterday. IF it gets accepted, we close On June 5th. OMG this is happening super fast.

I came out to my boss today. Basically I blurted it out, because I was asking how to deal with a guy who is constantly making reference to my gender. It is like every few sentences he has to say Ma'am, girl, lady, baby, sweetie. I was trying to decide if I was being over sensitive, or if the guy was out of line. he doesn't do it maliciously. he always apologizes if I call him on it. He has bad memory issues. I try to be understanding, but it gets really annoying because it never stops.


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