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So yeah it's been a while. See right after I started writing in my journal again my laptop power cord fried. So we went to the local computer store to get another one. To my bewilderment they were charging nearly $60 for a replacement. Being the shrewd business person I am I said "F--- That!"

So we ordered one off of Amazon. Well when I say we I mostly mean my fiance. For some strange reason they sent us a gateway laptop battery instead. So we don't have a computer at home anymore so Li tries to contact them via my phone. Apparently Amazon crashes my smart phone for some reason. Long story short there is a battle over who screwed up, people aren't returning emails, and Li gets a new job so we now have a laptop battery useless to us, and my laptop still doesn't work.

I ordered a cord off ebay a few days ago. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

I am still looking for a job. I most recently sent in an application to the Atlanta Zoo. Which let me just say sounds like a badass place to work. I remember back in hort school trolling the zoo website hoping for a position. The only thing that bothers me about it is the lifting requirement and worry about being out in the weather again. Oh and occasionally the smell.

I've also been thinking about starting my own business again. Actually I have a couple of ideas. I think I might be able to make living selling my soap. While working for AmeriCorps I saw several booths that did the same thing. I really like the idea of going to reenactments, ren fairs, and the like... I love costumes.

The next idea I had is that my dad has a huge autograph, baseball card, and coin collections. The only one he keeps up with these days is his coin collection. So my proposal to him was that if he will put up the cash for a booth at Dragon Con, I will go through his autographs and his baseball cards do the research on pricing, and I will take them to con and sell them. His biggest two concerns were that he will have to put up like $500 for a table, and all the publicity the co-founder has had recently concerning pedophilia. *sigh* I still think he could make a killing. I mean man he has some amazing autographs just from dixitrek alone.

Lastly I have an idea about starting a blog. I see a market that isn't being tapped. I am sure I could create content for that market. The main thing is that I currently don't have a reliable source of internet, and I really don't know how blog businesses work.

But I am tired of the job hunt, I am tired of feeling useless, and just because I have stuff that needs flexibility doesn't mean I'm not capable of working.
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Heads up to anyone interested...

in the Sunday 11/6/11 AJC there is a coupon for 1


12oz bag of Community Coffee Product.

It will be in either Section A or B depending on whether you got the early or late edition.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 02:48 pm
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Sorry I've benn out of touch for a few weeks. Will be posting more soon. Things have simply been crazy. And my laptop is down, boo.
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Anyone out there interested in learning to coupon and getting great deals? I am open for personal coupon classes. $15 and I'll teach you everything you need to know. I'll help build your binder with you. I also have LOTS of coupons I can share to help you get started quick.

Anyone need any crochet work done? Winter holdays are coming up. Scarves, shawls, hats, slippers, find me a pattern or product and I'll do my best to replicate it. Ask [ profile] delirium888 about the snake scarf I made her.
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So I've been toying with the idea of giving coupon classes. I've mulled it over for several weeks now, and it's still something I want to do. I gave a mini one to my aunt when I was in TN last week. I've helped several of the women that work at my dad's office with their couponing. I just really enjoy teaching about this.

I do have a couple of reservations.

1. I am worried that the market is over-saturated right now. With the TLC show and the recession I get worried that this is some sort of coupon bubble that is about to pop.

2.There is already such a problem with with shelf strippers, and managers who are oblivious to high demand items, unless you go on the start of the sale at 8am you have to get a rain check.

3. I am also a little concerned that if everyone begins to super shop the stores will stop offering really good deals because it wont be profitable. I mean there are already stores that are ending their doubling, or being very restrictive about coupons.

On the flip side though... there are some people out there who just don't have the time or attitude it takes to coupon. There will always be those few shoppers who are embarrassed to coupon and what not.

And I used to never shop at publix because it was so expensive, so publix has really made a great deal of money off the fact that I started couponing. Kroger has lost some of my business. Rite aid has made money off of it though. So it can be beneficial to some stores that have good coupon policies.

Who knows maybe it really is just a fade and when the economy picks up again people will go back to shopping without coupons.

But I think I could do a really fun class. I think I would really enjoy it, and who knows it might be lucrative.

I've seen some coupon sites and things that offer for you to be a contract seller for them like Mary Kay. I kind of like this idea, but I kinda don't at the same time. I don't want to push a product. I think couponing is better when it is individual and tailored to the person. But it would be nice to have materials provided for me, and have some back up resources. I also think I'd probably make more money as a contractor...

I dunno I'm kinda just thinking aloud.
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I am trying to put together a proposal to send to my local Farmer's Markets about accepting Food Stamps. I've been doing a lot of research and I think the process isn't that difficult. Apparently the government will give you a special EBT machine free if you use it only to process EBT. The problem so far is that the machine will require electricity... but I think that can be worked around that is something only the market manager can tell me.

The other problem is having someone dedicated to running the machine. I'm considering volunteering... but it's a lot of work for no money. I was also thinking of trying to get a space at the market to sell my crafts and things. This would give me income, a reason to be at the market anyway so I might as well run the EBT machine.

Our local elections are coming up and I am considering trying to get the city counsel members on board with this. I think it's a great campaign point. Providing the poor with healthy local veggies. Supporting our local economy. Supporting local agriculture. and so on...

I don't know exactly what is stalling me... I guess I'm just worried about bringing it up to the market manager. I mean I assume they have already thought of the idea, it's not a new one, but for some reason aren't doing it. but I'll never know unless I try.
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So now for a much happier post... There's plenty more to say about the last couple of years, but I'm in a good mood and don't want to kill it.

One of the big things in my life right now is couponing. Since we are both out of work, we are on SNAP/EBT, and money is very scarce I was going a bit crazy. I couldn't find a job and I had no real motivation to get out of bed. I finally got back in school when fall semester started, but my schedule ended up getting goofed up so I am only in one class. Things were getting really tense between Li and I, and something just had to change.

Honestly at the moment I can't remember who or what spurred me to finally check it out. I don't have a working tv that gets even basic free TV so I've never seen the "extreme couponing" show. I had noticed a few friends picking up great deals via their facebook status'. I know my sister in law was doing it, but I think I didn't really find that out until after I started. Anyhow, I sat down with my computer one day and typed "how to coupon" in the search bar.

Now I can't imagine going to the store for a planned shopping trip without coupons. I know some of you are like... "I've tried it but the $4 I saved wasn't worth the hassle." And you know what you are so right, but that's because you are thinking about coupons all wrong! I think the most important thing I've learned was to throw out all my ideas about how to use coupons. I really think that "Strategic shopping" is a much better name than "extreme couponing." (Props to for that term)

    Lets see if I can put the process in to simple steps:
  • Research how to think about coupons in a way that will save you big.
  • Collect coupons.
  • Find away to organize them that works for you!
  • Find out the days the stores you shop at start their sale week.
  • Look through your circulars. Find coupon match-up lists on-line.
  • Check store websites often.
  • Grab your coupons and go to the store.
  • Shop. Make sure to check for closeouts and unadvertised deals. Make sure to pick up any coupons, booklets, or fliers your store has.
  • Go through your coupons reading them carefully, and match them with your items. (I forget this step all the time and it makes checkout a pain)
  • Give your coupons to the checker. Be super nice! Don't forget store cards too.
  • Try to watch close to make sure stuff rings up properly. (This step is difficult, but don't worry just make sure you go over your receipt really well BEFORE leaving the store. If there is a problem got to Customer Service)
  • Save Big!

  • Find a place to create your non-perishable and household stock pile. A small cupboard will not be enough.

Some other notes:

With my experience both Kroger and Publix will let you come back later and say "oops! I forgot a coupon" or "I forgot my savings card" or "wait this didn't ring up correctly" But it is way easier to fix stuff right there and then.

It pays to be nice to the cashiers and managers. It also pays to shop early rather than late, as no one is in their best mood after a long shift.

It is also a good idea to keep a copy of the coupon policy with you. But also know that the coupon policy is up to the interpretation of the store manger. The store also has the right to stop accepting coupons. Always be agreeable the consequences otherwise might be no coupons at all.

Don't try to cheat the store. Coupons give enough great deals you don't have to. And its rarely ever Corporate grocery that gets hurt, its usually the poor cashier who accepted the bad coupon.

Get RAIN CHECKS if an item is not in stock. To do this all you have to do is go to the customer service desk and ask for a rain check on the sale item. Sometimes they say no but not very often and this can really work out in your favor!

Now for today's Kroger totals:
3 six pack Jello Pudding Snacks
1/2 gallon whole milk
1/2 gallon skim milk
Late July cookies
Oregon Chai
2 Imagine soups quarts
9 Yo-plait yogurt cups
1.67lbs zucchini
.69lbs yellow squash
2 Green is the new Black organic chocolate bars
2 boxes Yogi Tea
Kroger Fat Free cream cheese
1lbs Land of Forest Turkey
1.32lbs gala apples
Garden of Eaten organic Blue corn chips
Kettle Tortia chips
Wholly Guac 100calorie packs
Planters Peanut Butter
Kroger Hotdog buns
Kroger bread
2 Schick Razors
2 copies of the Sunday paper

Total before Coupons: 107.66
Total: 56.96
Tax: 4.87
$ of next order coupons: $3
Savings: 50%

Now this isn't my best but I think saving Nearly 50% with the organics and produce was pretty great!
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It's been a LONG time.

A lot has happened.

I can't decided if I should catch you all up on events or simply start fresh...

I suppose you should answer that... So what shall it be?

If anyone is still reading...


May. 20th, 2010 12:15 pm
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So it has been a long time since my last update. I hate it, but things have just been flying by.

I can't believe it has been over 5 months since I left Atlanta. The days turn into months before I know it, but the minutes seem to last forever.

AmeriCorps has been... An expriance... Mostly an exersize in frustration and alienation, but I do think I have learned a lot. Sadly most of my skillz have gone totally unused. The team doesn't seem to need someone that knows anything about plants, they simply need bodies to life and move and hack. This can be chocked up to misunderstanding I guess. I have found that my body cannot be pushed to keep up with the physical exertion, no matter what my ego and brain want. I will simply have to learn to accept.

On a more positive note, aside from AmeriCorps, I am really enjoying the people I am meeting. My roommate Cody is an awesome guy, and I will miss living with him. I hope we can keep in touch. Will is also a great guy, and I am super glad to know him. And thn there is Li.

Li is amazing. I adore him. I think thing have happened scarey fast, and I worry about a flame out. But so far I have never met someone more exactly what I want in a partner. The distance and other frustrations are difficult to deal with. I feel like I am constantly missing him. I wish I could learn better how to deal with this emotion, because I know ptessuring him to move in with me is likely a bad idea. I know I should keep busy, and be a little less available, but this seems an impossible task.

There is so much more I want to write, but we are almost to the park I will be working at for the day.
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Feeling alone in a crowed. Feeling like I am off beat on a song I am supposed to know,but don't and can't hear.

No one is being unkind, I just feel peeled open exposed and laughed at. It may all be in my head, but I don't know how to make it stop.

I want all the time. Mostly things I can't have. Feel directionless. Different alone.
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[ profile] ninsun, [ profile] lorigami, ANYone with any ideas!

I am really at my wits end with the cats. I love them. I'm more attached to Jack simply because I think of his as my cat, and Diyoji as my brother/sister in laws cat I'm fostering. But I care a great deal for both of them don't get me wrong.
Read more... )
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and worse a world that accepts it as appropriate.

I mean seriously.

IS there soemthing wrong with me that I think people should be able to go through thier lives without being harassed, stolen from, murdered, tortured (in the bad way), and live in a constant hyper-vigilant state.

To me saying "You left a lot of money in a locked car, you were irresponsible, you should have taken it in with you. No wonder it got stolen" IS EVEN MORE wrong to me than the idea that someone stole the money in the first place.

It's like those ass fucks that said it was Merideth Emersons' fault she was murdered because, even though she knew martial arts and brought her dog with her, to one of the most popular trails in GA, Women should know better than to hike alone.

Have you people ever heard the phrase "People rise to your Expectations?" How about fucking expecting more than the worst from people.

Goddamn, this makes me sick. The worst thing is to know there are probably more people out there like 'them' believing it's all her fault because she wore that sexy red thing. You left your door unlocked so of course it's your fault you were robed blind.

Damnit I don't like being this upset. Worse yet. MY being upset over it does nothing, and never will. The kind of fuckheads that think like this don't give a fuck about anyone else.
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Fuck, I can't handle this with the cats! I don't know what's wrong I can't fix it, but it has GOT to stop. Now Jack is "Acting Out", Diyoji's skin issues are gone, but her tummy troubles are back, and she has been "fighting" with jack... Though now I'm starting to wonder if it's not some sort of "pull his hair and run away" kinda thing. She is currently cuddling an article of clothing he pissed on yesterday. *sigh* I lived with this for WAY to long; it simply can't start again. I will swear of pets for good if it doesn't. Even with as much heartbreak as that will mean. I REALLY am at my wits end over this. I CAN'T take these cats with me acting like this.

Been increasingly nervous about The Florida State Parks job, since I Spoke with Mr. Pazdera Monday. Ashley had made it sound like almost Nothing had been planned, and pretty much no one had been hired at the end of December. When I called Mr. Pazdera on Jan 11th. 1. He knew NOTHING of my conditional acceptance of the position. He didn't even know whether or not he had completed my background check, or that Ashley had officially offered me the position. 2. He made it seem like Everyone else was already down there and started and I'm going to be sneaking in late with everyone turning to stare at me, and whispering with their already made friends.

I found myself wishing this morning that somehow miraculously the folks from The Pacific North West Crew would call to interview/hire me before I sign the contract on Tuesday with Florida. But I know that is not going to happen. Today is Friday, Monday is MLK day, and I sign the contract on Tuesday, WA is three hours behind us so I'll likely sign the contract before the WA office even opens. Besides I think the plan is currently that we will be moving my things over the weekend/holiday.

Hopefully this is just cold feet, and my fears hijacking my brain for a bit.
My Horoscope seems to think so:
Home and family are the topics of today's Solar Eclipse. Because of the effects lasting 6 months, you'll have time to rebuild, renew and cultivate relationship with family members, or to do something with the place where you live that you've wanted to do for a while. For some this may be painting, for others a new kitchen, for others a move or purchase of a house. Even entertaining at home is favored. Mercury's change of direction chimes right in on this theme, encouraging you to move ahead with plans rather than to focus on potential problems.

Sent off some Ebay stuff today. That felt good. Need to send off more tomorrow.

My Quote of the day
"I feel more like I'm joining the Goonies than that I am joining AmeriCorp; My big adventure."
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I seriously need someone to help me move some of my things to Gainesville, Florida this weekend. Probably leave Sunday or Monday and return Tuesday night or Wednesday.

If you can drive a U-haul, you are worth your weight in gold and would mean we get to sleep on a bed when we are there. I would find some way to repay you.

Due to my unfortunate teeth issues, I'm a bit short on cash but I will feed you... Ramen, PBJ, whatever I have in my house. Obviously you can stay with me in my new room down in Gainesville, which is why a U-haul would be nice but not totally necessary. I have sleeping mats and what not.

I really Need this help. I could totally use some help packing as well. Evenings until Friday and then Saturday maybe Sunday. But I'd be ever so willing to settle for someone who would just be willing to ride in my car with me, sleep on the floor for a night or two, and come home with me.

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I'm listing a bunch of stuff on Ebay because I'm moving. I both need the stuff out and the cash. If you could take a look at my items and maybe pass along the word, it would be much appreciated.

Mostly Organic Clothes, and some Reuse stuff for now. I might be posting some Vinyl boots soon and maybe some other patten leather shoes. I'll also go through my club clothes and see if I have anything to post. So if you don't see anything just yet keep checking. I will keep updating as much as I can over the next week or so.

New Maggies Medium Natural Organic Cotton Tights

Child size White Organic Hemp Fairtrade Bobble Hat

New Maggies Medium Natural Organic Cotton Tights

Small Pink Organic Cotton BoyShorts by Blue Canoe

Pink Organic Cotton BoyShorts by Blue Canoe Large

Cryaola Childs Trackball Mouse

Oh shit!

Jan. 1st, 2010 01:29 pm
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What the fuck happened!?
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Hey Ya'll know about the Give Away on Fetlife right now?
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in my posting as of late.

Things have just been had to get into words.

Been off work for more than a week with foot sprain. Probably going back Tuesday. Not sure how I feel about that.

Went out last night. It was fun. Stuck my foot in my mouth a few times. and others thought of something witty so say in retort only 2 or 3 hours to late.

Things feel stale. I Want... I desire... all to no avail. Restlessness or running away? Not sure... but I'm also not sure I care anymore.
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I feel like my brain is on fire... in a good way...

I feel like I'm flying, and almost invincible.


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