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SO I struggled with my courses this past quarter. Not really that it was all that difficult material, it was mostly just my issues. When I passed my Pest Mangment test on Wensday I was excited just to be done with it. I figured I'd get out of the class with a C. In fact I figured I'd do well to pass both the classes with a C. So I thought when I passed and it was over, and I had stuck it out... I would treat myself to a Wii!

None to be found! I've called all the targets in the area, hifi buys, best buy, and went to EBgames today. No one has any. That makes me sad :( I had sooooo been looking forward to spending my break playing video games and gardening.

Today I found out that I Passed my classes not with a couple of C's but with an A and B!!! Not exactly sure how that worked out, but no looking a gift horse, eh?

Today I also went and asked the registrar to review the course description of BISM 2100 at KSU and see if they will take it as Credit for SCT100... Keep your fingers crossed this gose through.

I also Made this really rad Lime green shrug. I wore it today and sadly it sheds soemthing horrible and I get green fuzzies all over my blacks, but it's cute and I'm rather proud of ti. I also took the photos myself... I was bored... they are interesting....

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I just finished a spyder plushie I've been working on. I loom knitted it, and all in all I think I'm pretty proud of it.

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I'm really darn proud of it!


She plans on using it as a trivet, or so she says I guess we'll see next thanks giving!!

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hey Everyone...

[ profile] arris138 Finally got his halloween photos uploaded and this is a photo of my costume. he didn't get a shot with the boots which were kinda an important part since I went as "Faieries wear boots" by Black Sabbath.

And Please excuse the really Odd face.
I'm rather proud of my costume since I Hand made the fuzzy bits And hand dyed the tights.
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Hehe Look what I just made.

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Check out some of the stuff I've been buzzy with on my loom knitter.

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