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I am trying to put together a proposal to send to my local Farmer's Markets about accepting Food Stamps. I've been doing a lot of research and I think the process isn't that difficult. Apparently the government will give you a special EBT machine free if you use it only to process EBT. The problem so far is that the machine will require electricity... but I think that can be worked around that is something only the market manager can tell me.

The other problem is having someone dedicated to running the machine. I'm considering volunteering... but it's a lot of work for no money. I was also thinking of trying to get a space at the market to sell my crafts and things. This would give me income, a reason to be at the market anyway so I might as well run the EBT machine.

Our local elections are coming up and I am considering trying to get the city counsel members on board with this. I think it's a great campaign point. Providing the poor with healthy local veggies. Supporting our local economy. Supporting local agriculture. and so on...

I don't know exactly what is stalling me... I guess I'm just worried about bringing it up to the market manager. I mean I assume they have already thought of the idea, it's not a new one, but for some reason aren't doing it. but I'll never know unless I try.


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