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2006-08-16 06:48 am
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living fear

I'm starting to feel good and that makes me afraid.
I think I have goals.
I think I might be making new friends.
I'm still too eager to tell anyone everything. It's like I haven’t learned anything except to tell myself in my head that I should SHUT UP! But then go on blindly gabbing.
I don't know why I've begun to talk so much... Or maybe I've always been like this and it just took the past year and a half to point it out to me.

I got a Knitting Loom the other day and I've been knitting up a storm with it. OMG! I love it. I made myself some of those sox/house slippers last night. Oh the ideas I have in my head! Now I just have to try not to spend every dime I have on yarn and ribbon. How many people on my X-mass list do you think will get Hats, scarves, mittens, or slippers this year?

It is probably too late to get in for fall, but I'm going to contact GSU about getting in to there Environmental Sciences program. I wish they had one at KSU but they don't. I'm going to do what I can to telecommute to most classes and who knows I might try to drive my car to Cobb and take CCT to MARTA... Though I am afraid of the insane amount of time that would take. Or there is the possibility of trying out the dorm thing again. I enjoyed that when I did it at KSU, but I had amazing roommates... well most of them anyway.

Man I have so much in my head right now... I'm having a really hard time concentrating on work.

If I can't make it in to GSU for fall then I'll apply to GSU and UGA for spring. I'll finish up my degree in E. Science or something dealing with Agriculture. On my breaks I will visit Eco Villages... and by the time I graduate hopefully I'll have found one to move too. That way if I go live on a farm in the middle of know where for 10 years and then decided I want to come back to society I'll have a degree that I can fall back on, and in those fields I might be able to swing the ecovillage experience in my favor.

Okay I really must work... But I just had to put some of that down before my brain exploded!

Lastly I may try to get into KSU for fall taking Chem. and Biology because I know they will be required courses for my field...

Does anyone have any idea how good it feels to have the seedling of a plan again!at least )