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So I've been gabbing on a good bit about my desire to start camping. Well part of that desire is that there is a big part of me that would truly love to be a thru-hiker. A thru-hiker for those that don't know the term, is someone who hikes major trails like the Appilation trail (AT for short) from end to end in one go. It is an amazing feat that takes months and extreme endurance to accomplish.

I know that at this point I am in no shape to attempt such a feat. But I do think it is something I wish to strive the very least I could use some firming up. And to do it I plan on doing more walking and hiking.

I think the main thing that has held me back from attempting even day hikes is my gender. I live in a relatively small town. honestly it's considered "the sticks" by most people. While it is beginning to go sub-urban at the moment it is still somewhat a suburb of a suburb. And I know of at least 3 murders in the area just this year, and know for a fact that one of them was a sexual predator that attacked a female biker on one of the local trails. I know that only a few months ago the cleaning lady at my work was robbed when she went to leave the office. The even more remarkable thing is I could probably throw a rock and hit the Dallas police station from the parking lot at the office.

I have purchased a safety whistle for when I go camping, but I honestly wonder if I blew it, even the standard long short long of a distress signal, would anyone bother checking to see what was wrong?

I am currently listening to a book titled "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson, and on of the statistics that he talks about is that even during the short time he was on the AT two WOMEN were murdered on it.

These thoughts and facts disgust me. I wish desperately not to fear simply because I am alone. Whats worse is murder is honestly the least of my worries. While it's not my first choice for ways to die, I hope that if anyone plans on raping me they murder me first and worry about the necrophilia later.

And while compression bras are really a staple in clothing for female hikers... Binding is a no no. I can only hope that through sporty style clothes, that are loose fitting, a compression bra, short hair, and thick soled hiking boots that add a few inches to my high; I can acquire an andro enough appearance. The thought just occurred to me that a packy or possibly even a pee prosthesis might freak out a potential attacker enough if they got that close...

I dunno if I'm making any since but I wanted to just say it I guess.


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