Dec. 8th, 2007 12:21 am
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I just put my first soaping project in like a year to bed. (Non-soapers: I poured the soap into the mold and wrapped it up for the night so it can harden) I'm pretty excited about it. It was hot processed using a crock pot a friend gave me. It's 1/3 olive, 1/3 coconut, and 1/3 lard. Due to not having anywhere less than a 30 minute (at least) drive where I can get Essential oils I opted for a rose fragrance oil and some red coloring from Micheals. It didn't say it was specific for melt and pour soap so I hope it works. The red wasn't red though, or at least isn't in real soap. It turned icing pink, and the more I put in the more it turned neon. So scratch giving these to guys as gifts. I also added some soap glitter too. I think I'm going to call them Princess Rose soaps, because the pink is so like 4 year old little girl pink.

I used a stick blender I bought of ebay, and it worked great up until the last five minutes then it just wouldn't come back on. no smoke or wierd noises just press the button and nothing happened. I'm really hoping it is just over heated and will work in the morning, I have to make a another batch that isn't so girly. And I was so excited about getting it for less than the one at target. If I have to go buy another one I'll be so upset.

I also got one tree ornament sewn up that I like. I've done about 4 diffrent ones but the only one I really like so far is one of the stocking ones I did tonight. It's going to look so cute with a little gold ribbon.

I think I'll do some candles tomorrow. I like the soaps and candles because I can do several of those all at once.

Oh I just remembered I need to start on the loom knitted apple I'm making for my prof. I need to give it too her monday!


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