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So now for a much happier post... There's plenty more to say about the last couple of years, but I'm in a good mood and don't want to kill it.

One of the big things in my life right now is couponing. Since we are both out of work, we are on SNAP/EBT, and money is very scarce I was going a bit crazy. I couldn't find a job and I had no real motivation to get out of bed. I finally got back in school when fall semester started, but my schedule ended up getting goofed up so I am only in one class. Things were getting really tense between Li and I, and something just had to change.

Honestly at the moment I can't remember who or what spurred me to finally check it out. I don't have a working tv that gets even basic free TV so I've never seen the "extreme couponing" show. I had noticed a few friends picking up great deals via their facebook status'. I know my sister in law was doing it, but I think I didn't really find that out until after I started. Anyhow, I sat down with my computer one day and typed "how to coupon" in the search bar.

Now I can't imagine going to the store for a planned shopping trip without coupons. I know some of you are like... "I've tried it but the $4 I saved wasn't worth the hassle." And you know what you are so right, but that's because you are thinking about coupons all wrong! I think the most important thing I've learned was to throw out all my ideas about how to use coupons. I really think that "Strategic shopping" is a much better name than "extreme couponing." (Props to for that term)

    Lets see if I can put the process in to simple steps:
  • Research how to think about coupons in a way that will save you big.
  • Collect coupons.
  • Find away to organize them that works for you!
  • Find out the days the stores you shop at start their sale week.
  • Look through your circulars. Find coupon match-up lists on-line.
  • Check store websites often.
  • Grab your coupons and go to the store.
  • Shop. Make sure to check for closeouts and unadvertised deals. Make sure to pick up any coupons, booklets, or fliers your store has.
  • Go through your coupons reading them carefully, and match them with your items. (I forget this step all the time and it makes checkout a pain)
  • Give your coupons to the checker. Be super nice! Don't forget store cards too.
  • Try to watch close to make sure stuff rings up properly. (This step is difficult, but don't worry just make sure you go over your receipt really well BEFORE leaving the store. If there is a problem got to Customer Service)
  • Save Big!

  • Find a place to create your non-perishable and household stock pile. A small cupboard will not be enough.

Some other notes:

With my experience both Kroger and Publix will let you come back later and say "oops! I forgot a coupon" or "I forgot my savings card" or "wait this didn't ring up correctly" But it is way easier to fix stuff right there and then.

It pays to be nice to the cashiers and managers. It also pays to shop early rather than late, as no one is in their best mood after a long shift.

It is also a good idea to keep a copy of the coupon policy with you. But also know that the coupon policy is up to the interpretation of the store manger. The store also has the right to stop accepting coupons. Always be agreeable the consequences otherwise might be no coupons at all.

Don't try to cheat the store. Coupons give enough great deals you don't have to. And its rarely ever Corporate grocery that gets hurt, its usually the poor cashier who accepted the bad coupon.

Get RAIN CHECKS if an item is not in stock. To do this all you have to do is go to the customer service desk and ask for a rain check on the sale item. Sometimes they say no but not very often and this can really work out in your favor!

Now for today's Kroger totals:
3 six pack Jello Pudding Snacks
1/2 gallon whole milk
1/2 gallon skim milk
Late July cookies
Oregon Chai
2 Imagine soups quarts
9 Yo-plait yogurt cups
1.67lbs zucchini
.69lbs yellow squash
2 Green is the new Black organic chocolate bars
2 boxes Yogi Tea
Kroger Fat Free cream cheese
1lbs Land of Forest Turkey
1.32lbs gala apples
Garden of Eaten organic Blue corn chips
Kettle Tortia chips
Wholly Guac 100calorie packs
Planters Peanut Butter
Kroger Hotdog buns
Kroger bread
2 Schick Razors
2 copies of the Sunday paper

Total before Coupons: 107.66
Total: 56.96
Tax: 4.87
$ of next order coupons: $3
Savings: 50%

Now this isn't my best but I think saving Nearly 50% with the organics and produce was pretty great!


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