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I looked upon an old icon
lost to the years

and it struck me
how many said they would return

So here I've stayed.
And they have yet to come.

as the years drift by
when will I stop waiting.


Jan. 21st, 2007 11:31 pm
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Nothing I tried, did anything
but push you further from my side
now there is nothing left
but hallow consequence
wrapped in a hardscape of pretense


Dec. 20th, 2006 09:39 pm
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So I'm shedding friends lately.
I can only hope that again
the Phoenix will rise from the ash.
I can see the fire blaze
And the all consuming smoke.

While there is pain and discomfort to this trial...
I'm finding the mood different
Something of diving for the fire this time rather than shrinking from the flame as it leapes towards me.
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Why am I still drawn to things I do not cherish?
You have lost your divinity
Now your words sound as blaspheme to the works of real demi-gods
You are lost and childish... why does that make me sad?

Yet here I sit and stare
just as the vacant souls that warm pews on Sunday
Babylon is fallen is fallen and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken
Faith dies a mighty death at the hands of the stupid


Today... today has been mundane yet strange in it's own right.
Last night I was up until 3am working on school work. I thought for sure I would be awake at a decent hour, so I didn't bother to set my alarm. And to tell the truth I did wake at 9 and 10:30 and 11:30, but not really as it was the sort of awake that almost insures you'll go back to sleep.

I was supposed to go in early to class today. I sort of did. i wentin at 2:30... Class starts at 3:15. I studied some, but spent the majorit of the period finding out that my little $4.95 Jump drive was too small to fit even one of the .ppt files i need for class on it all at once.

Once class got started it was as if some sort of very strange tranqulizer had been pumped into the room. I don't mean that we were sleep... no it was jsut that everything was oddly relaxed. There was No formality at all. Some of the girls said they weren't ready for the quiz so she gave us another 30 minutes to of clas time to study. I had to get her to print out my plant ID reports for me because I was a dork and hadn't printed them prior to class... I also didn't have my photos and it was all okay... not jsut okay as in it didn't kill me but it was jsut a really strange mood over the class

And then came hort 100. Talk about a twilight zone worth of a class. What could have been the hardest test ever... that I really hadn't done a lot of studying for... she gave us not only open note, but allowed us to go onto a website that she got the test questions from that told us the answers. We didn't even have to look for them in the text the practice quizes were answered right there in front of us. Then we spent the rest of the period giving this one guy in class (that is a total moron and twerp) tips on how to pick up some girl he was interested. Hell my Prof. even made me look amateur at my info gathering (see: stalking) ability... she found out the chicks name from the guy and started going to different search engines for him to find out if she could find a marriage license and shit.

Do you ever get the feeling you walked through a minefield unscathed?
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I did something foolish a moment ago...

I thought it wouldn't matter this time
I thought I'd come far enough
I thought it wouldn't hurt
At least I stopped before I read it


How could someone be so... *sigh* If there were words... I just don't understand how someone could be the way he is.

My memmory tells me of a time
When there was sweet praise on your lips
When I was what you adored
I wonder now that I am banished
I wonder now that I am ignored
Was I that mistaken?
Was it one of your dreams?
How I long to ask you...
But not with tongue or lips
I'd have to see you face to face
to tare open the scared over hole to you soul


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