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So I went this weekend to an AT thru-hike class given at the Atlanta REI store. I thought it would be something to occupy my time, and get me focused on some goals, and informative. It sort of accomplished these things. The one main reason I paid for this class was because there was supposed to be a women hiker there to answer women specific questions from a girl's perspective. I paid for the blasted class and the chick didn't show... kinda annoyed me but they told us we could call her at the Buford store.

There are going to be two other classes that are free, but not as comprehensive. I can't deiced if I want to go to them. The main reason is that while I did get some good info and things in a lot of ways it just made me more restless and agitated. Almost everyone at the class was leaving on their thru-hike this year. What I wouldn't give to be setting off in a month to do this life changing incredible journey?

My biggest set back is that I simply don't have the saved up cash to live off of. While in fact it's far cheaper to live on the trail than IRL I barely make it from paycheck to pay check and I NEVER have any extra money, so even saving up the modest 4-6K needed to live for six months on the trail seems impossible.

Of course people say well wait till you graduate and get a job then do it. What job is realistically going to say "Oh you want a leave of absence so you can run off and hike for 6 months? Sure no Problem you're job will be here when you get back!" I also don't want a black mark on me for quitting to do this. And I'm really hoping my internship will be a foot hold into a career not just a job.

The fact is I'd probably have to do a SOBO (south bound/ME-GA) hike If I did it this year, because I'd not be able to start until after finals first week in June. There are of course pros and cons to doing the hike SOBO and I've not really decided if I'm for or against the idea. It seems like a more peaceful serene hike but you miss out a lot on what have become the traditions of thru-hiking the AT. But the decision would be made for me here and I'm not sure I'd mind that much, I've been agonizing it for months and I've come no closer to make any sort of decision.

I'm just so afraid I'm going to miss my chance. I'm already over the average age, but thats sort of silly because LOTS of middle and even elderly people have hiked the trail... It's just I know as I age my physical setbacks are just going to get worse and worse... I mean I've already goth arthritis and I'm 26, I've already got back problems and those just aren't going to go away as I get older. I also have nothing tyeing me here at the moment, no job I love, no family that needs me around, no love interest that will pine or break up with me if I go.

I've even started thinking of really busting my ass to get another job to try and save up the money in time for June, but I really can't because Next quarter to finish up I'll have to take two classes and do my internship, and I can't just quit working for dad... I mean I make good money for only working the hours I do. I dunno part of me hopes that maybe I can get a paid internship that wont coast me much to do as far as gas and things... then I might be able to do it, but the best paying internship I've found is $5.15ph and they wouldn't take me, so it will be a far stretch.

In other news

I'm thinking of getting a Roommate too... it wont save me any money because dad is paying for all that right now, but it would cut some stress on him, and I wouldn't be alone all the time. I think the ad is going to look something like this:

Wanted: Open Minded female to share ranch style home. You'd have your own bedroom and bathroom. $400 flat monthly. Or if you are interested in use of bed and other room furnishings $450. Hiker and/or Gardener a big Plus!

Not very catchy and I don't really know how to condense it, but it's what I'm thinking on.


Jan. 6th, 2008 01:59 am
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The Meredith Emerson case/search new developments make me very sad. I wonder what other hikers are feeling.

The worst part other than the likelihood that she will not be found alive, to me at lease, is that she did all the things that girl hikers are supposed to do when they hike alone. She knew martial arts. She took her dog (a decent size animal) with her on her hike. She chose a popular "busy" trail.

The only thing that makes this have any sort of positive to it is that they suspect this guy could possibly be a sort of hiker serial killer.(killer with a yellow jacket) And if the blood comes back as hers off the "cut seat belt" they found in the trash he wont be able to wiggle any sympathy.


Nov. 25th, 2007 01:39 pm
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Yesterday I hiked 8.5 miles. It's the longest distance I've done so far! it went pretty well. The only downside is that my right knee and left ankle are giving me a lot of trouble even with a brace on. The ankle is a new pain. I think I might have slightly twisted it or something. It didn't bother me that much during the hike it was afterwards when we were unloading our stuff out of the carpool car, I took a step forward and felt a sort of sliding movment inside the ankle and then intense pain and it's bothered me since. The knee pain I've been having for the last 3 or 4 hikes after a couple of miles. It goes away during the week and then comes back into the next hike. I dunno what to do about it.
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this is from Hiking the other day. From left to right: Rodica, Adriana, and me in my purple hat. The guy behind us is Paul and I think the lady's name that is in the far back holding her camera is Kathy.


Nov. 4th, 2007 07:02 am
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So Yesterday I went on my first hike with the Atlanta Social Outdoor club. It was awesome I met lots of wonderful people. The group was amazingly international. a girl from Romania, a guy from Egypt, a girl from Columbia, a guy from China, a guy from Russia, a girl from India, and the leader of the group is from Japan. Much fun was to be had.

The last mile of the 6 miles was a bit difficult for me. I'm going to have to start walking everyday again. My chest stared hurting rather badly, and I've had a cough since we ended the hike. It was very sweet the Russian guy insissted on taking my pack from me when my chest started hurting.

I'm so happy I found this group and actually went on the trip. I was so nervous but several members of the group sent me e-mails first saying hello and welcoming me to the group.

My ankles, one knee and chest are sore this AM, but I'm sure that will all pass. My uncle did an adjustment on my leg yesterday, and put my knee back inplace. I had twisted it or something.

I really like and I've signed up for the Atlanta-roswell pagan group, and the cobb county pagan group as well. I'm thinking of going to the atlanta knit/crochet group as well and also thinking of starting a more local yarn-craft group myself.
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So Wednesday was a rather poor day for me. I got declined for supplemental SSI. I'm really not getting along with the only other person in any of my classes, and Preston canceled on me for the Third time this week.

The depression carried over into Thursday. So after Preston told me we could hang out That evening after he got off work I packed everything up and set off for Kennesaw Mountain park.

I started out thinking I was just going to walk up the mountain, but it felt so good to be out there that I just kept going. I ended up walking 5.4 miles according to the trail map. Though I'm not sure it's accurate. The trails were not marked, and several places they had closed for erosion control and made detour trails. I also never actually saw anything that said pigion hill, but the turn around path is after Pigion hill so that must be where I turned around, besides the fact that what signs I did see said to Pigion hill -> then suddenly started saying -> to Cheathum hill. Which is the next historical site down the line.

I learned I really don't like using my back pack as a day-hiking pack. It is too big and doesn't secure enough to me. It hangs off my back causing the place where my scoliosis is the worst (in my lower back) to hurt.

I am a touch concerned about my ankles and my right hip though. While my foot beds and some muscles are sore they are normal soreness that you'd expect after a first time hike of more than 5 miles over what the Kennesaw Mountain trail map calls very strenuous terrain. The ankles and the hip worry be though because they seem to be more bone/joint pain. The hip seems to be hurting where I had the bone graph piece taken out, and the ankles are probable hurting from where I had surgery on them in 2000. I have good mid-high hiking boots and they fit well, I don't really see any way to improve on my ankle support. makes me nervous because I wanna do longer and longer hikes and this worries me that it may not just be normal aches and pains... that it may be something that will truly inhibit me. I dunno though I'm going to rest up for a day or two only doing inside back exercises and the like until the pain subsides some.
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So I've been gabbing on a good bit about my desire to start camping. Well part of that desire is that there is a big part of me that would truly love to be a thru-hiker. A thru-hiker for those that don't know the term, is someone who hikes major trails like the Appilation trail (AT for short) from end to end in one go. It is an amazing feat that takes months and extreme endurance to accomplish.

I know that at this point I am in no shape to attempt such a feat. But I do think it is something I wish to strive the very least I could use some firming up. And to do it I plan on doing more walking and hiking.

I think the main thing that has held me back from attempting even day hikes is my gender. I live in a relatively small town. honestly it's considered "the sticks" by most people. While it is beginning to go sub-urban at the moment it is still somewhat a suburb of a suburb. And I know of at least 3 murders in the area just this year, and know for a fact that one of them was a sexual predator that attacked a female biker on one of the local trails. I know that only a few months ago the cleaning lady at my work was robbed when she went to leave the office. The even more remarkable thing is I could probably throw a rock and hit the Dallas police station from the parking lot at the office.

I have purchased a safety whistle for when I go camping, but I honestly wonder if I blew it, even the standard long short long of a distress signal, would anyone bother checking to see what was wrong?

I am currently listening to a book titled "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson, and on of the statistics that he talks about is that even during the short time he was on the AT two WOMEN were murdered on it.

These thoughts and facts disgust me. I wish desperately not to fear simply because I am alone. Whats worse is murder is honestly the least of my worries. While it's not my first choice for ways to die, I hope that if anyone plans on raping me they murder me first and worry about the necrophilia later.

And while compression bras are really a staple in clothing for female hikers... Binding is a no no. I can only hope that through sporty style clothes, that are loose fitting, a compression bra, short hair, and thick soled hiking boots that add a few inches to my high; I can acquire an andro enough appearance. The thought just occurred to me that a packy or possibly even a pee prosthesis might freak out a potential attacker enough if they got that close...

I dunno if I'm making any since but I wanted to just say it I guess.


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