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This damn trying to find yourself stuff bites...

I'm second guessing the culinary thing again... I started looking up nutrition and horticulture degrees.

It's starting to look like if I want to stay in the state of GA UGA ia my best bet... BUT if I'm going to move away from all my friends and risk things just to move to athens which is a college town I don't really totally like then... why not really try a leap of faith and go somewhere like Bolder or LA or I dunno...

The only thing about LA is I looked up UCLA... they require a 3.2 GPA for transfer students and I know that if I start looking into doing their environmental science degree I really have to retake Calc and Stat. That would bring my GPA up big time though if I could manage a B in those two classes... not sure how I'd manage that though the 69's I got in those were achieved with significant amount of struggle and pulling out of hair.

Plus I'm not sure how the whole transfer of my english stuff is going to work 'cause like I said I made a B in English 1102 at Kennesaw but recently made a C in English 193 (the equivalent course) at the tech school.

But I really have to find something... I don't want to be a clerk in an office forever. I want to work because I enjoy it and feel like I'm doing something with it.

I've been surfing around on the website again. I'd like to find a degree that the courses they offer will work towards...

I dunno anyone got any school and/or degree suggestions for me?


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